Client Integration

Client Integration

While the Nakama console is helpful with testing, debugging, and managing your backend, it's not a very compelling gameplay experience. You will eventually want to make a game client that interacts with Nakama and leverages the Cardinal game server you've created.

Nakama Documentation

Nakama has several different client libraries (opens in a new tab) that can be used to communicate with a Nakama instance.

Account Creation

While AuthenticateDevice is the easiest way to connect to Nakama for testing, other authentication methods are supported. See the Nakama authentication documentation (opens in a new tab) for more options.

Register Persona Tag

A game client must use the /nakama/create-persona endpoint to claim a Persona Tag. The payload should be:

{"personaTag": "some-random-persona-tag"}

Verify the claim Persona Tag request was successful with the nakama/show-persona endpoint. Look for the field "status":"accepted" in the body the request was successful.