Cardinal provides a plugin that allows you to use Nakama as a transaction and query relay.

By using Cardinal’s Nakama integration, your client can submit transactions and queries to Nakama, which will then be transmitted to Cardinal. Nakama will handle the complexity of signing and submitting transactions to Cardinal, and will return the transaction receipts to your client once it’s executed.

Nakama is open source and is widely used in production by many large scale game studios such as EA, Zynga, and Paradox Interactive.

Why use Cardinal’s Nakama integration?

  • Wide range of client libraries and SDKs — By using Nakama, you can integrate Cardinal with any of the client libraries and SDKs that Nakama supports. This includes Unity, Unreal, Godot, Javascript, Swift, C++, and more.
  • Account abstraction with email/password & social login — Remove onboarding friction of having to download a crypto wallet and manage private keys by allowing your users to login with their email/password or social accounts (Google, Facebook, etc).