Messages and queries can be sent from smart contracts in the EVM. This is by an opt-in basis, so you’ll need to use the EVM message/query constructors when instantiating your messages and queries to enable EVM support.

Supported Types

Below are the Go types available to use in struct fields when utilizing using EVM supported messages and queries.

  • []byte (resolves to bytes in ABI encoding)
  • string
  • bool
  • int8 - int64
  • uint8 - uint64
  • (resolves to address in ABI encoding)
  • *math/big.Int (resolves to a specified int or uint above 64 bits i.e. uint128)

Additionally, slices of all the above types work as well.

When using *big.Int, you MUST use a special “evm” struct tag to indicate which underlying evm integer type you want to resolve to. This is due to go-ethereum using *big.Int for any uint or int greater than 64 bits.


type Foo struct {
    Num *big.Int `evm:"uint256"`